Molnar Freeman Architects was established in 1999 by Katie Molnar and Tony Freeman. Over the decades the practice has built up a diverse, creative and extensive portfolio which showcases their expertise in residential, multi residential, commercial and hospitality projects. These projects are the result of enduring commitment to design that is compelling and engaging beyond any utilitarian objective.

MFA produce thoughtful, environmentally conscious built responses to each unique set of circumstances. The flexibility of their aesthetic highlights their ability to work as a team with their clients and to arrive at personal, expressive solutions. Each project of MFA’s tells a story of people and place, how individuals interact within the spaces they once imagined and how these spaces relate to the communities they give back to.

MFA has chosen to keep their team small to ensure the greatest level of commitment to their clients. A director is constantly in charge of every stage on the project and we only take on a volume of work whereby we can guarantee this high level of personal service to our clients.